IWA #4

Jay Smooth’s IllDocterine features video blogs of Jay Smooth, expressing his opinions and whatever is on his mind. The fact that he’s from the east coast gave me the impression that he would have a rude attitude since people from the east have a more sharp and rigid personality. I was wrong about this and could only see this stereotypical east coast attitude in the way he made fun of people in his videos.

Although the topics that Jay blogs about have a wide range, each video specifically discuss a single issue or thought. Jay has a hip hop background that greatly influences his perspective. I myself listen to underground hip hop music and I feel that the issues that Jay addresses in his blog and the way he talks about things is closely related to the topics hip hop music. A lot of hip hop artists rap about what they see wrong in the world such as racism, social injustice and hypocrisy.

I think Jay’s perspective on things is important because he feels like a very ordinary person; it’s almost as if because of this we can trust the guy and his opinions. This makes him very influential to others and people might give him more credit than he does or does not deserve. I think that Jay has a realistic view points on most things and he tries to see things for what they really are instead of what others try to make it seem like. At the same time, his hip hop roots tend to make him stray away from mainstream issues or ideas because most hip hop is anti mainstream.

In his video “T-Pain and the Know Nothing Know It Alls,”  Jay bags on T-Pain for being a hypocrite and an overly arrogant at the same time. Most of this video ridicules T-Pain for being arrogant and saying that he doesn’t know anything about politics only to later to comment on politics. Jay’s anti mainstream perspective is not fooled by T-Pain’s fame. Normally people might reason with T-Pain and stand in awe at how smart T-Pain might really be for being able to comment on politics. Jay however, brushes whatever T-Pain says aside because he knows that if T-Pain doesn’t know anything about politics then he has no right to make the slightest comment about it. Jay continues to smite T-Pains image by making fun of T-Pain’s hypocrisy. By doing so, Jay is educating viewers by showing them that it’s important to separate a person’s message from their fame and to be able to think for yourself instead of trusting the words of famous people. Jay has developed a mature way of thinking and I think that it is greatly influenced by his hip hop background.

Another piece of work by Jay is his video on Martin Luther King on Extremism. Here, Jay recites parts of a speech written by Martin Luther King. By doing so, Jay actions declares that he agrees with Martin Luther King’s ideals in the speech. The speech talks about how the public generally views extremism as something negative. Martin Luther King contradicts this stereotype by providing examples of good extremists. Thomas Jefferson was an extremist of freedom, while Jesus was an extremist of love. These two people are known for all the great things they did in their lifetimes. Jay’s approval of this speech shows that he has a similar perspective that embraces unorthodox ways of thinking.

Phil Yu’s Angry Asian Man blog is composed with an Asian American perspective. It features many posts about Yu’s observations of Asian activity in America and anything he observes that stereotypes Asians. His post Big Phony, Jane Lui and the Sweet Hurt is an attempt to advertise Asian artists in the US. Yu has similar posts about Asians in the news in general. By doing so, he is creating a sort of community website for Asians. His posts are not limited to a specific race of Asians but just Asians in general. Another post features a script from a pilot episode of a new show. Yu points out the Asian character in the show who is very stereotypical. He comments how unoriginal the comedy in the show is by making cheap jokes and laughing at the Asian man. Yu is definately influenced by his Asian roots and because of it, he is offended by the show. His Asian pride also propels him to post news article or upcoming events that feature Asians. By doing so, Yu exposes his intent to spread Asian awareness through his website. What he does is important because he is voicing his thoughts while keeping his identity evident. If we lose touch of our roots and ancestry then we will lose part of our identities.

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