Implicit Association Test

The first test I took for IAT was the Money vs Leisure test. I am not sure if all the test required categorizing words but that’s what I was told to do. Random words were thrown at me and I was supposed to put them under the corresponding category. I thought it was a more interactive way to survey people than just answering questions. Although the survey did ask some questions, it was restricted to a minimal. Ultimately, the data suggested that I prefer money over leisure. What does that mean? I have a few guesses but lets start by defining the terms. Money is probably more obvious than leisure. Money was categorized with wallet, cash, dollar, etc. Essentially money equals wealth. Meanwhile, leisure was categorized with hobbies, free time, etc. In a nutshell, I am guessing that the survey concluded that I would rather get paid large sums of money over having free time and doing things I enjoy such as eating. If free time was equivalent to leisure than anyone could have tons of free time if they quit their job. But if people quit their jobs they would have no money! These two things go hand in hand. Yet I see how working too much and obsession with money can interfere with leisure. This survey was helpful in reflecting on my thoughts about how much time is worth putting into money when leisure is easily accessible without too much money.

The next study was the Advertisement Study. It had me write down a bad experience and then revealed an ad. My response was taken by playing the same category game as I did for the other test. The hypothesis was that if I wrote about a negative experience, then I would respond positively to a negative ad. I think that the reasoning behind this is that if I am in a bad mood then seeing something else negative will lighten my mood as it will comfort me. But I think that this survey largely depends on the effort of the subject to remember and visualize a bad experience, otherwise the conditions will not have been met. For me since the ad was about a body spray, I had a negative reaction. My opinion on body spray is very positive in itself since in middle school body spray was way overused and now every time I smell it I think of little kids trying to act tough.

These IAT tests are nice and short. You also don’t have to answer too many questions which I think is good because you cannot give a specific enough answer for multiple choice questions. This way of taking surveys in very effective and I am interested to see what other tests they have.

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